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Parents wishing to send their children to the school are welcome to call in at any time to meet the headteacher and staff and to look around the school whilst the children are working. Please call 01629 732240 to make an appointment.

Admissions Policy:

Our admissions are handled by the Derbyshire County Council and are in line with their policy.  Children are admitted in the following order of priority:

1. ‘Looked After’ children

2. Children in the catchment area

3. Children with siblings already in school

4. Children whose parents request a place on religious grounds

5. Children from outside of the catchment area in order of nearest road distance from home to school up to the schools admissions number.

For further details please see the DCC ‘Parents’ Information Booklet, or www.derbyshire.gov.uk/admissions.  All applications for places at the school should be made via Derbyshire County Council.  The schools admissions number for the Reception class is 10.

If a reception cohort is oversubscribed then we may still be able to accept children but this will depend on cohort sizes of other year groups.  Parents can appeal admissions decisions through Derbyshire County Council.