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Our Vision

Our vision is to make learning a vibrant and exciting experience. We have a rich and varied curriculum, through which children can be creative and can acquire skills they need.

We are lucky to be able to make use of the beautiful natural surroundings of our attractive and historic school. We provide a safe and stimulating environment, which captures the Imagination and enables all children to flourish as individuals.

A Caring and Well Behaved School

Ours is a caring, family-orientated school, where everyone is respected and encouraged. We want pupils to develop the confidence to learn throughout their school lives - and beyond.  Because of our size, we can respond to the personal needs and interests of all of our pupils, without exception.

We have high expectations of our pupils. Discipline is an important part of our school life and we aim to enhance the opportunities for learning, while at the same time promoting responsible behaviour.

We are proud that in our most recent Ofsted inspection report (June 2019), when we were judged to be a good school with outstanding behaviour, personal development and welfare, that the excellent behaviour of our pupils and the strong team ethos of all of our staff was recognized.  We continue to promote these, as well as taking steps to develop and improve in all areas.

An Education as Varied as the Children we Teach

While our values are rooted in Christian traditions, we embrace new technology as the key to unlocking the opportunities offered by the wider world.  As well as classroom learning, we make the most of our setting for learning outdoors, and foster the teaching of music, the creative arts, drama, sports and community activity.  Outside the curriculum, there are activities as varied as netball, gardening and film club, and clarinet and violin lessons on a weekly basis.

Children also have a wealth of sporting and creative opportunities to meet children from other schools.  Local sports clubs visit school to demonstrate what is available locally, including cycling, taekwondo and orienteering.  Children with particular talents, such as music, horse-riding, ballet and swimming, are encouraged to participate in external competitions and examinations.

Close to Our Community

Our children are encouraged to engage with the community, and we offer an impressive range of extra-curricular experiences for such a small school.  This creates a positive atmosphere, based on a sense of community where all are considerate individuals, respected by and respectful of all other members of the school.

All the adults working in the school play a role in the pastoral care of the children. They help the children to develop a positive attitude to learning and work to ensure that pupils achieve their full potential in all areas of life. Time is given to listening and talking over problems, offering advice and guidance.

A Personal Education For Your Child

We all want the best for our children and when it comes to schools, it’s the personal attention to the needs of your child that counts.  For your child, South Darley CofE Primary School offers just that: a personal education for your child.  And, because we are a small school, our dedicated, talented and experienced team of teachers knows our pupils extremely well.  Our teaching is tailored to individual needs and interests: we believe that all children have specific talents that need to be nurtured. And, as well as striving for academic attainment, we foster our pupils’ interest in sports, music and the arts.


A warm welcome is guaranteed, so please come and visit us to see for yourselves what we have to offer.